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Divorce Documents

Your documents will be prepared by an experienced and conscientious paralegal with over 20 years’ experience in preparing court documents for California divorce clients.


  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Paternity
  • Family Law Matters
  • Paternity
  • Family Law Matters

Should you require a restraining order during the divorce process, we will draft these documents, as well. We have an excellent track record of consistency and providing our clients with outstanding service. When you have a case in Family Court, we can assist you by drafting your court documents for a reasonable fee.

Anna’s Court Services, Inc. has a reputation for ethics and integrity. We provide service you can trust and we will help you to achieve your desired outcome. We have an extensive list of happy clients whom were well served by our document preparations and other legal aid offerings.

Contact Anna’s Court Services, Inc. at (626) 334-5537 or send an email to annascourtservices@yahoo.com if you have additional questions about our services or what types of documents we will draft for you. We will gladly and promptly provide your divorce documentation when you need it.

Document Preparation

We will also draft documents for modification of child support arrangements. When you need documents for Family Court, a paralegal from Anna’s Court Services, Inc. will draft the necessary documents for you. We will provide you with error-free, accurate documents for your Family Law case.

Most divorce attorneys provide document preparation service for child support and child custody cases. However, we will prepare your documents for a fraction of the cost of what an attorney will charge.

Call Anna’s Court Services, Inc. at (626) 334-5537 or send an email to annascourtservices@yahoo.com to discuss your child support, custody or visitation documents.

Eviction Process

If you are a landlord or a property manager and you need to draft eviction papers, Anna’s Court Services, Inc. provides a cost effective alternative to having an attorney prepare the documents for you. Eviction document preparation in California follows a standard process. Once you have the documents, you may file them with the court. After you file the documents, the tenants are notified.

In California, tenants are provided with a three-day notice prior to the filing of an unlawful detainer lawsuit. Anna’s Court Services, Inc. will assist you with the required paperwork for this lawsuit to have a non-paying or non-compliant tenant removed from your premises.

The tenant has five days to respond to the lawsuit. The tenant may request a hearing. If the tenant requests a hearing, Anna’s Court Services, Inc. will prepare the documents for your hearing in court.

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